Certified Acuscope Therapist



Payment Options Cash, Check (please make checks payable to Equine Smarts)
Visa or Mastercard ( a bank processing fee will be added)

Evaluations & Inital Treatments $225
This includes a full visual and manual body evaluation and the first 3 start up treatments with in a 72 hour period.

Visual Evaluation of ....
1) Watch how horse moves coming out of stall
2) Watch them walk on flat area away and back
3) observe later view of them moving
4) watch them and the walk and trot in both a straight line and in a circle
5) Observe under saddle if possible
6) watch them move on hard and soft ground.

Manual Evaluation of ....
1) Look for cold or heated areas
2) Areas of Atrophy
3) Unbalanced or Excessive areas
4) Check TMJ
5) Check head and teeth
6) Check down body looking at stress points, acupoints and muscle groups
7) Palpate and record slight, moderate or severe findings
8) Check down legs comparing side to side and range of motion of shoulders, knees, fetlocks, pasterns and coffin joints.
9)Palpate tendons and ligaments noting any reactive areas.

Acuscope Evalutaion of....
1) Base body reading
2) Reading of Knees
3) Readings of all four Fetlocks
4) Readings of Hocks
5) Readings of all four hooves
6) Readings of any questionable areas found in Visual and Manual Evaluations

Per Treatment $60

Treatments will vary using protocols for the animals current needs at the time of session or if on a maintenance program treatments will vary in order to maintain balance in the body.

Treatment Packages

Buy 5 get one free
Buy 10 get 3 free

All packages will expire if not used within a 90 day period.

Call Fee $30-50

Call fees are charged when travel from the main treatment location is required. Haul in is an option and call fees can be slit between multiple clients.

Rehabiliation Fees will vary per case

Rehab fees are determined by there severity of the case and if animal is brought in to main treatment location or if daily travel to the animals location is involved.

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